Hosting a Fairy Garden Party
July 23, 2018

Hosting a Fairy Garden Party

We’ve still got over a month of summer ahead of us, so why not celebrate the warm weather by throwing a fairy garden party? Whether you’ve got a big backyard or a leafy balcony, you can definitely find ways to create a fantastic fairyland for guests of all ages.

A fairy garden party is a magical twist on a traditional garden party or barbecue get-together. You can ask your guests to dress up as their favourite fairyland characters, from fay queens to elegant elves and all in-between. Get creative with your garden decorations, serve up an enchanted feast, and host activities like tarot reading and crystal meditation. The possibilities are endless, but we’ve helped you out with a few of our favourite suggestions below:


This is your perfect chance to create a magical fairy garden in your outdoor space. All you really need to get started is some kind of greenery, whether that’s a few pot-plants or a huge flowering garden. What would your fairyland look like? If you like the whimsical woodland style fairyland, you’ll love our range of miniature fairy doors, woodland critters and flower fairy statues, perfect for creating a magical miniature world among the plants. Or if you’re going for a more grown-up fairy vibe, impress your guests with some of our larger fairy statues to greet them when they arrive. You can also let nature inspire you, making decorations from flowers, tree branches, vines and more. And don't forget fairy lights, of course.


They say you have to be careful about what you eat and drink in fairyland, for fairy fruit is enchanted and can cause you to fall under mysterious spells! We think that makes it all the more fun. For fairy party food, try serving up flower lollipops, butterfly cupcakes, strawberry toadstools, or what Australians affectionately call fairy bread.  For drinks, how about hibiscus rose tea, pink lemonade or even bubbling potionsFor the final touch, serve up your creations in some of our magical drinking vessels, like our unicorn mugs, magical goblets and fun bottle holders.



It’s not really a fairy party unless everyone’s dressed up, right? When coming up with costume ideas for a fairy party, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A pair of fairy wings will definitely do the trick, but the fay folk come in all shapes and sizes. At any good fairy party, you could expect to see elves and dryads, water sprites and gnomes, not to mention friends of the fairies, like centaurs, unicorns, dragons and more. You could even make your own creative twist on the traditional fairy image, by getting artistic with flowers, seashells, glitter and more. Or if you’re not really the dressing up type, you could always just settle for a good themed t-shirt - we’ve got plenty!



The world of fairy is all about magic and connecting with the natural world, so if you theme your party activities around this, you’re sure to entertain everyone! You could do something crafty, like getting everyone to make their own flower garlands, magic wands and fairy wings. Group art activities can also be a hit, like coloring in, or sketching and poetry. Going down the more esoteric route, you could also do tarot, oracle, pendulum or rune readings. Crystals could also play a big part in your fairy party, starting out as decorations, and then becoming tools for crystal healing sessions or even gifts to give your guests when they leave.



And speaking of party favors, it’s always a wonderful final touch to give your guests a small token to leave the party with! You could buy a few bouquets of flowers and gift one to each guest as a goodbye token, along with a little chocolate or candy. If you've got an older crowd, you could package up some incense sticks or cones to send your guests away with. Or, depending on your budget, our mini activity kits and Flower Fairies activity books and are all around $10 - $15 each. It doesn’t have to be huge - just something to keep the magic going, even after the party ends!



Whether you decide to throw a magical bash fit for faerie kings and queens, a fun garden party for the kids, or a whimsical get-together for a few friends, hopefully our suggestions have helped get the ideas flowing! Have a magical time in whatever fairyland you choose to create, and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.