Magical Gift Guide 2017!
November 20, 2017

Magical Gift Guide 2017!

When sparkles of fairy lights appear across town and winter chill fills the air, our minds start turning to holiday gift ideas. While shortbread and socks might be the easy way out, why not try to be a little more magical this year? After all, no one’s going to quickly forget the year they got a dragon for Christmas!

Our little Dragonspace elves have been working hard conjuring unique gift ideas for the holiday season, which we’re happy to share below. And even better - we’re having our first ever Black Friday sale from November 24th - 27th! We’ll be offering exclusive discounts on some of our more special products and best-sellers, with affordable shipping anywhere in Canada or the US AND free shipping on orders in British Columbia over $100. So there’s no better time to tick your myth and fantasy loving friends off your gift list.



The holidays are a time for eating, drinking and being merry, so why not do so with flair? Whether it’s mulled wine, eggnog, tea or a magic potion you’re sipping on, we’ve got an enchanting range of fantasy-themed drinking vessels to brighten the dining table.

Wine Holders

Our magical creatures Wine Guzzlers have been an unrivalled hit this year. These thirsty unicorns, wolves and dragons are the perfect gift for the fantasy-loving friend who also has a great sense of humour...and a taste for wine! Pop a bottle of their favourite pinot noir or grigio into the holder and your gift is complete. We’re offering 25% off these as a part of our Black Friday sale, so get in quick!

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Teacup Collection

But if tea or coffee is more their style, you can’t do better than our Amy Brown fairy teacup collection. Amy Brown is a popular fantasy artist known for her delicate detailed fairies and fantasy-creatures, and in this collection they cradle sturdy mugs and tea-cups ready for a steamy brew. These pieces evoke warmth and comfort - ideal for the coming winter months!

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Goblets & Mugs

In a grander vein, we have sturdy goblets and mugs that wouldn’t look out of place in a medieval feast hall. These unique vessels have a stainless steel interior and polyresin exterior, making them both durable and functional as real drinkware. Featuring beautiful Celtic knot flourishes, these goblets and mugs depict a range of fantasy icons - dragons, wolves, unicorns and more - so there really is a design for everyone!

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Winter is coming...the perfect time to make the Game of Thrones fanatic in your life happy. It might be a while until we get the final season of the hit television show, but we’ve got some stunning Westeros-inspired merchandise to placate fans until then.

Game of Thrones Gifts

If your friend or family member idolises Jon Snow, take them a step closer to their dreams with an awesome replica of ‘Longclaw’, the ancestral Valyrian steel sword Jon wields in the series. The replica is an impressive 42”, made of tempered stainless steel with a faux-leather grooved wrap and a resin direwolf head pommel. 

Or in memory of Eddard Stark, we've also got a replica of late Ned's 'Ice' daggeran heirloom of House Stark. Like Longclaw, this impressive piece is fashioned from tempered stainless steel with a mirror finish and is a bit more compact at 17". 

We’ve also got the gorgeous pewter ‘Canterbury Goblet’, used as a prop in the series by characters like Tyrion Lannister and Littlefinger. The goblet has also been featured in BBC’s ‘The Tudors’ and the Blockbuster film ‘Gladiator’. This is an incredibly unique gift for anyone who loves mythology, history or pop culture.

 Lord of the Rings Gifts

And speaking of mythology and pop culture, we haven’t forgotten our Lord of the Rings fans. We’ve also got a beautiful replica of Aragorn/Strider’s Ranger sword - the mighty weapon that protected the Fellowship on many occasions throughout the series. Gorgeous when hung in pride of place on your wall, or a great addition to a cosplaying outfit!

The Middle-earth devotee in your life undoubtedly owns all the LOTR books already, but what about some beautiful companion books to complete the collection? David Day is a well-known Canadian literary critic of Tolkien and other children's and fantasy literature. His Atlas of Tolkien is a gorgeous navigational guide to Middle-earth, featuring maps and full-colour images. A Dictionary of Tolkien delves into the wonderful words of the novels - the brand new vocabulary Tolkien created along with his fantastical lands. And The Battles of Tolkien focuses on the wars and conflicts of Middle-earth, with a reflection on real-life history. 

Ideal not just for fantasy fans, but anyone with a love of literature, linguistics, history and mythology!


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun in the garden. For the child or grown fairy-lover, we’ve got a range of accessories to start your own fairy garden - a welcoming home for the magical little folk in all seasons. Starting a fairy garden is a gift that lasts beyond Christmas, and leads to a sharing experience for the whole family.

Any garden can become a fairy garden - it just takes a bit of imagination! From adorable woodland creatures like squirrels and fluttering birds, to mushroom houses and fairy doors, our miniature resin figures are the perfect addition to your backyard wonderland. 

And our ever-popular mini dragons are roaring to become your new fairy garden residents! Only a few inches in size, these happy little dragons love sleeping, reading and hanging out with their animal friends, and their small stature makes them the ideal size for a garden playground.

Why not top off your fairy garden gift set with a lovely book on how to get started? Titles like Fairy House,  Fairy Village and Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes are sure to inspire!

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“Something for the house” is always a wonderful gift idea - distinctive decor and beautiful knick-knacks are the kind of thing people don’t often think to buy for themselves, but are delighted to receive. And dragon-lovers are no different.


Our dragon letter-openers are always a hit. These Gothic-style resin beasts wield mighty swords, which serve a practical purpose as a letter-opener! You've never felt as fierce opening a letter as when you use these tools, we guarantee.

Our LED dragon figures are also decorative and functional. These vibrantly hued dragons wrap themselves around dragon eyes - powerful symbols of protection. A switch on the base of this figure illuminates the dragon eye, casting a stunning light. Ideal as a nightlight or illuminating accent for the home. 

And who said dragons can't be festive? Amongst the angels, stars and baubles, a dragon ornament adds a touch of unique fantasy to your Christmas tree or home decor! These colourful resin figures perch on glass spheres with a gold ribbon for hanging. 

As part of our Black Friday sale, we’re offering between 25% - 50% off selected dragon giftware, from lamps to drink coasters. Don't miss out on the delightful discounts here!



If you have a loved one with a Celtic connection - ancestry in the Celtic lands, or a spiritual affinity with this ancient culture - why not gift them with a special Celtic token this Yuletide?

 We’ve got a beautiful range of Celtic pewter giftware - practical gifts embellished with Celtic knots and symbols. From elegant fashion accessories like cufflinks and pocket watches, to decorative houseware like trinket boxes and gorgeous clocks, there’s a unique and thoughtful gift here for every Celtic soul. This range is handmade in Britain from the finest sturdy pewter, so is sure to last.

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Here’s something truly unique. We wrote a while back about the importance of wands, both in mainstream and magical culture. Why not gift your magically-inclined loved one with a gorgeous gemstone wand? Our wands are handmade by artist Darlene Musser from elegant pewter with gemstone touches. Each wand is distinctive and the gemstones hold individual meaning, so this is a personal present that’s sure to stand out. 

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We hope the above recommendations give you some unique and enchanting ideas for the magical season, be it Christmas, Yuletide, the Winter Solstice or another! If you want to know more about any of the above ideas or other gift recommendations, please do get in touch!
And remember...our Black Friday sale will happen from 24 - 27 November, featuring discounts on some of the above products including our Wine Guzzlers and selected Dragon Giftware. Don’t miss out!