Ten Magical Children's Books
March 21, 2019

Ten Magical Children's Books

Childhood is a time when fantasy worlds are at their brightest. Through a child's eye, dragons truly do soar across the skies, fairies hide in gardens, and mermaid tails flash in the sea. It's through stories that children's imaginations come alive and magic becomes reality.

We're constantly adding to our Children's Books collection here at Dragonspace, always excited by new titles and old classics to add to our shelves. While every one of the books in our collection is a delight, we're highlighting ten unique titles in this week's blog post that would be a wonderful addition to any young reader's library. From unicorns to yoga, there's something for every imagination. 

Wizardology, Dragonology, Monsterology and Fairyopolis


The 'Ology' series of books are as beautiful as they are interesting. Suitable for older readers, these gorgeously illustrated books take a deep-dive into the history of their subjects, complete with maps, diagrams, collages...even dragon scale samples! Kids will feel like a true scholar, scientist or historian as they study these magical books...much better than school textbooks, right?

Thelma the Unicorn

Thelma the Unicorn has taken the world by glittery storm! This popular picture book tells the story of an ordinary horse who longs to be a unicorn. But when her dream finally comes true, is it really all it's cracked up to be? Kids will laugh throughout Thelma's fantastically entertaining journey, and finish the tale knowing how to stay true to themselves. One of life's most magical lessons.

Candlewick Classic Fairy Tales

Sometimes nothing beats the classics. An illustrated collection of fairy tales belongs in every library, and this vividly coloured anthology from Candlewick is a diverse and unique addition. Children of all backgrounds will relate to the characters in these illustrated stories, which include classics like CINDERELLA, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST and more, all told with a fresh voice.

Good Morning Yoga

This lovely little book introduces kids to the principles of yoga and mindfulness through storytelling. It intersperses gentle and creative yoga exercises with positive messages to help kids get ready for the day. Paired with vibrant illustrations, this book shows that picture books can be more than just books - they can help readers achieve peace and calm amongst all the excitement of the day.

Room on the Broom

This charming witchy tale comes from the creators of the beloved Gruffalo - Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. The story follows a happy witch and her cat who offer a ride on their broom to a number of friendly animals. But can the broomstick take the load? Witty and entertaining, this board book is perfect for very young readers, and shows that witches don't have to be mean and ugly!  

John Ronald's Dragons

Kids probably aren't quite ready to tackle the wonderful world of Lord of the Rings until they're a bit older, but this picture book is a perfect place to start. This is an illustrated biography of John Ronald Tolkien - aka J.R.R. Tolkien - an imaginative little boy who loved dragons and would grow up to become the one of history's most famous fantasy writers. Kids will love reading about Tolkien's life, accompanied by lovely storybook imagery - this will have them itching to read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings once they're old enough. 

The Secret History of Mermaids

Mermaids have long been a mystery, but here's a chance to finally learn all the secrets of these mystical sea-dwelling figures. Just like the Ology books, The Secret History of Mermaids takes the form of an entertaining "textbook", interspersed with beautiful illustrations and fascinating findings. Lovers of mermaids will be delighted by this compact little tome.

Flower Fairies Activity Books


Every fairy fan will recognise Cicely Mary Barker's beautiful Victorian fairy illustrations. These lovely fairies adorn the pages of these fun activity books, perfect for the child who might prefer getting a bit hands-on. Glittery stickers, puzzles, riddles, paper dolls, colouring in pages and more will keep young little minds entertained for hours, all with a generous touch of fairy magic.

 Buddha at Bedtime

Bedtime stories are one of the most magical parts of childhood. This unique collection draws on tales of Buddhist wisdom to make bedtime even more enlightening. From the tale of The Kind and Wise Stag with its message of forgiveness to the story of Two Ducks and a Turtle which will teach your child to think before speaking, these stories aren't just entertaining—they're meaningful as well. A perfect way to enchant and calm the mind before your child dozes off into dreamland, with lessons they'll definitely remember in the morning.

The Dragon's Toothache

This is another great tale of fantastical friendship. Everyone knows dragons have big sharp teeth...but what happens when they get a toothache? And how are they meant to fix it? Told in a classic picture book style with quirky illustrations, this will make the kids laugh and go 'aww' in equal measures. And most importantly it will teach them that dragons aren't all fierce and scary—they have problems too, sometimes! 


Funny, enchanting, enlightening, academic...there's definitely something to spark every kind of young imagination in this collection. And the best part is that you don't even have to be a kid to enjoy these tales! Click below to see our full collection available online, or come into store to see even more magical titles.

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