The Magic of Ink & Paper
July 16, 2017

The Magic of Ink & Paper

Even in an electronic era, there’s still a magic to holding the weight of paper in your hands. Thick parchment scrawled with incantations, sketches of plant life found through a walk in the forest, or messy meditations on a manic day - paper becomes home to ideas and knowledge.

We carefully select our collection of notebooks and journals here at Dragonspace to favour handmade designs and enchanting patterns that we feel best suit our eclectic clientele. With the blank page ahead, what would you choose to fill it with? Here are a few ideas:

Making a Grimoire

A grimoire (also known as a spell book or Book of Shadows) is an essential for any Wiccan or Pagan practitioner. This is the place to document your practice. Amongst the pages of a standard grimoire, you’re likely to find spells, charms, and incantations; important symbols and diagrams; instructions on rituals or ceremonies; information about moon cycles, tides and seasons; and potions or herbal recipes. While a grimoire could take any form, from a plain old ringbinder to an electronic folder on your computer, it’s a personal part of your practice and will be a primary object on your Wiccan altar, so having the right design helps! Our embossed leather journals handcrafted in India are perfect for handmade grimoires.

Personal Journal

You don’t have to be a writer or artist to be attracted to the idea of journalling. Maintaining a personal journal is a great way to wade through the messy waters of our inner thoughts, and also to create a record of our lives at significant points in time. A personal journal can become a counsellor and guide, as well as an output at the end of a long day, or first thing in the morning to kickstart your brain. Our Oberon Design leather journals are ideal for this, as they come with replaceable notebook inserts, meaning once you finish the final page, you can replace it with a new notebook but keep the same beautiful leather cover to use over and over.


  • Creative Therapy

  • Many of the products we purvey at Dragonspace, from tarot cards to crystals to runestones, are intended to help us make sense of our lives and the world around us. Creativity and the fine arts are also often associated with this. Be it sketching, sculpting, making music or writing poetry, having a creative output is believed to help our mental and emotional states, as well as enhance our grasp on humanity and history. In the pages of a beautiful notebook or journal, you can let your imagination run free. Sketch beautiful scenes you’ve seen throughout the day, or vent your frustrations in poetic language. Press the pages with wildflowers, or create mind maps of your thoughts. You might be surprised at what you come up with when the page is yours to take over.

  • Dream journal

  • Spiritual people are often fascinated by dreams - a glimpse into the unconscious mind, and perhaps a means of traveling to places we can’t access in the physical world. But a lot of the time we wake up from an important dream only to find the memory fading rapidly. Here’s where a dream journal comes in handy. Record your dreams as soon as you wake up, and have a proper record to analyse later. Once your log fills up, you might notice recurring themes in your dreams, or be able to relate certain dream motifs to events happening in your life. It’s also been argued that dream journalling is a good way to achieve lucid dreaming - a dream state in which the dreamer is aware of dreaming and is able to exert an element of control or influence over dream events. Your journal will help you navigate the flow of your dreams and better understand the process.

  • Scrapbook or Photo Album

  • We know our Dragonspace customers are in tune with the beauty of the world around us. If you have a desire to record this beauty, scrapbooking will appeal to you - collect trinkets and souvenirs from your journeys, such as tickets, letters, pressed flowers, pieces of material, and other tactile mementos of events and occasions. And while the convenience of having a digital photo album constantly stored in our pockets (in the form of a smartphone) definitely has its benefits, an old-fashioned photo album still has a tangible beauty too. A collection of photographs of special events, travels and candid moments with friends and family can become a piece of art in itself, and a physical record of life’s magic. Our beautiful leather albums are handmade, interleaved with tissue paper to protect your photographs, and feature a unique embedded gemstone.

    Are your hands itching to put pen to paper yet? Let us know in the comments below what you’d choose to fill the pages of your favourite journal with!