The Magic of Scent
November 19, 2018

The Magic of Scent

Scent is a powerful thing. It has the ability to conjure vivid memories—like the scent of your grandmother’s baking or the perfume of someone you miss. It can can evoke a sense of time or place, like how pine and cinnamon make us think of Christmas, and coconut and ocean air make us think of summer days. And it also has the ability to soothe and heal, which is the basis for aromatherapy.

There are a number of different ways to welcome the healing magic of scent into your life, whether it’s lighting a stick of incense, burning a scented candle, or working with essential oils. Here are a few of the common aromas you’ll find here at Dragonspace, and the magical properties associated with them.


Lavender is a scent of calmness and relaxation, and is commonly used to combat anxiety and sleep issues. Whether it’s in the form of a lavender-scented heat pillow or a lavender oil massage, using this soothing scent will do wonders for your stress levels. Lavender is also connected to the intuitive and psychic parts of your brain, so can be used to open up those faculties to higher forms of communication. In natural medicine, lavender has also been known to relieve headaches and back pains.



Peppermint is a powerful healer of the respiratory system, and is often used to fight off coughs, colds and asthma. Taking a deep inhale of sharp soothing peppermint will clear your airways and leave you feeling fresh and revitalised. Peppermint also conjures feelings of new life, springtime and vibrancy, and will perk you up when you’re feeling flat. It’s a zesty powerful scent that packs a definite punch.


Patchouli has a long history of being used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. It’s strongly connected to the earth and primal energy, and will help you to feel grounded when you might be feeling lost. It’s the perfect scent to help bring you back to reality, remember your roots, and harmonise your spiritual self with your physical self. It’s also been known to alleviate symptoms of depression and other mental health issues.


Many people know frankincense as one of the gifts the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus in the Biblical nativity story, and it’s certainly worthy of its impressive history. Frankincense brings with it a sense of age, wisdom and royalty. It was used in ancient times as a multi-purpose treatment for beautifying the skin, soothing wounds and perfuming the body, making it a much sought after gift. It’s an aroma of overall wellness and vitality, and you’ll feel like a king or a queen when you work with this powerful scent.


Sandalwood is a commonly used scent for religious ceremonies, as it helps to focus and balance. It’s the perfect incense or oil to burn when you’re meditating, as it has a high frequency that help you tune into your inner vibrations. Sandalwood is also a scent of mental clarity, and will be useful when your judgment is feeling clouded, or when you need to make an important decision or work through a difficult problem. Sandalwood will help put you back on the right path and see things clearly and with perspective.


Rose is a soft romantic aroma that’s used commonly in beauty therapy. It’s wonderful for the skin and has also been known to help with heart problems. Rose is a particularly beneficial scent for women, and may help with fertility issues or to alleviate negative side effects of the menstrual cycle. It also promotes feelings of love, affection and self-empowerment.


Vanilla is a familiar scent, and is therefore a comforting one. For many people, vanilla reminds them of sweet cooking and the domestic sphere, which helps create a sense of homeliness in times of stress. Vanilla can also be used as an antioxidant, clearing toxins from both the body and the mind. It’s also got a reputation as an aphrodisiac and as a scent of pleasure.


Sage is perhaps the most powerful cleansing aroma. Smudging sage is an ancient practice that helps to rid a space of negative energies and start anew. On an individual level, sage can also be used to rid your body and mind of negative energies, if you’ve been feeling under the weather or have been suffering with mental illness. It’s the perfect aroma to use when you need to wipe the slate clean and forge positive beginnings.


Eucalyptus is a powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and is commonly used as a topical treatment. Like peppermint, it has a sharp fresh scent that will help to clear the airways and alleviate symptoms of the cold or flu. Eucalyptus brings with it a sense of fresh energy, and can be used when life is feeling slow or stagnant and you need a bit of a pick-me-up. It can also help you to move on from the pains of the past and into a brighter future.


Whether you're seeking calm, comfort, healing, invigoration or spiritual clarity, there's an aroma out there that will help you achieve your goal. We've got a number of aromatic products here at Dragonspace to help you explore the magical world of scent, from incense sticks and cones, to essential oils and perfumes. Have a browse of our full collection below!



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