What Colour Is Your Aura? (With Quiz!)
September 04, 2018

What Colour Is Your Aura? (With Quiz!)

Have you ever heard someone say that you’ve got a specific ‘aura’ about you? Perhaps you have a peaceful aura, or a creative aura, or a wise one. More specifically, you might have been told that your aura is a particular colour - purple, yellow, orange, blue? It’s certainly fascinating to think about coloured halos hanging around our heads, visible to only a select few - but what exactly does it all mean?

Like the idea of 'chakra energy', auras are related to the invisible energy in and around our physical bodies. While chakras are focal points contained in our inner bodies, auras are the energy field surrounding our outer bodies. Some people with psychic abilities can visibly see these auras in different colours. Other people can feel them. But most people, regardless of psychic capacities, can sense a person’s energy in some way or another, even if they can’t fully understand how or why. This is aura energy at work.

While your aura can change and shift depending on many factors - such as your mood, health, or even time of day - most people have one predominant aura that they radiate.

So, in saying that, what colour do you think your aura is? We’ve summarised the common types of auras below, followed by an aura quiz for you to take to find out what colour your aura is!


Energetic, logical, alert, enthusiastic

People with yellow auras are analytical, intelligent and driven by action. They tend to have a lot of physical and mental energy, and will approach tasks with diligence and enthusiasm. Their brain is always working, and they are extremely observant of what’s going on around them. They’re confident and fantastic communicators, normally with an active social life.


Passionate, robust, intense, direct

Red is the colour of both passion and anger, and people with red auras will be prone to both. They approach everything in life to the fullest degree, and are always seeking new adventures and knowledge. They’re extremely robust and resilient, and will easily bounce back from health issues or difficult situations. Their directness can rub people the wrong way, but they’re steadfast and loyal to those they love.


Romantic, sensitive, empathetic, moralistic

People with pink auras have a soft and kind energy about them. They are romantics at heart, both in their relationships and they way they see the world around them. They’re highly empathetic, so will gravitate towards social issues and charitable causes. Their sensitivity to the world around them makes them poetic individuals who care about the arts and culture.


Creative, nature-loving, amiable, healer

Green energy is deeply connected to nature and the earth, and people with green auras will reflect this. They’ll often be nature and animal lovers, and will demonstrate the same growth and hardiness as the plants they love. They’ll be creative in a practical sense, enjoying pursuits such as cooking and crafts. They tend to be popular in social circles for their relatable and generous natures, and are well-suited to ‘healing’ pursuits or occupations.


Generous, honest, happy, courageous

Those with an orange energy bring the image of ‘lions’ to mind. They’re brave and adventurous, never shying away from the difficulties in life. They’re generous with their time, energy and money, and likely have a large group of friends. They zoom through life with zeal, and normally lead happy and successful lives in their chosen pursuits.


Psychic, philosophical, imaginative, introverted

People with a purple aura are known for being psychic or having intuitive spiritual abilities. They feel things on a different level, and will be drawn to magic and mysticism. They likely won’t have a large group of friends, but will form deep relationships with a chosen few. They’re highly imaginative, and may choose to express this in the form of creative arts. They’ll also connect quickly and easily with animals.


Great communicator, peaceful, diplomatic, measured

People with blue personalities are cool, calm and collected, and help to balance out any room they walk into. They’re fantastic communicators and diplomats, and can easily dissolve conflicts or tensions, whether at work or in relationships. They’re not afraid of taking on large responsibilities and navigating treacherous waters, and find it easy to make big decisions that might seem difficult to others.


Charismatic, lavish, independent, divine

Like gold jewellry, people with a gold aura are attractive, rare and connected to luxury. Gold aura people exude charm and charisma, and have a taste for the beautiful things in life. But while they can mistakenly come across as materialistic, gold is also the colour of spiritual protection and enlightenment. People with gold auras will be generous and protective of those that they love, and have a divine presence about them.


Intuitive, adaptable, fluid, discerning

People with silver auras are highly intuitive and very receptive to new ideas. Their brain is always switched on, and they’re able to easily adapt to new situations and new ways of thinking. People with silver auras will attract abundance into their lives, whether that’s in the form of physical money or success, or spiritual enlightenment. They will rarely want for anything; fortune comes naturally to them.


So, now that you've had a read, do you have an idea what colour your aura might be? We've crafted a quiz below to help you find out - let us know what you think of your results!


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