Amethyst Ring (7.25)


This impressive ring features a large, oval, rose-cut lavender amethyst in an open-back, raised sterling-silver setting and thick complementary band. A substantial ring in both size and weight, it brilliantly showcases this lavender-coloured variety of amethyst, and fits wide on the finger, ideal as a solo piece on the hand.

Amethyst belongs to the group of crystal quartzes, and its name derives from the Greek amethustos (non-inebriated). Historically, amethyst was known for its sobering, clearing effects – hence its name – and is said to encourage awareness, concentration, and dispel bad dreams and negative emotions.

Product details:

  • Natural gemstone set in sterling silver setting
  • Size 7.25 (see our size guide)
  • Designed in Canada
  • Manufactured by skilled artisans in Bali, Indonesia

Collections: Gemstone Rings

Type: Gemstone Ring