Angel Prayer Wand


Our collection of fantasy wands come courtesy of artist Darlene Musser. Each wand is exquisitely handcrafted from pewter and embedded with unique gemstones of special significance. Collectors and ritual practitioners alike will delight in the the energies and craftsmanship embodied in each one-of-a-kind wand. Descriptions for the individual wands are in the artists' own words.

Angel Prayer Wand:

  • Rose Quartz (point) & Celestite (handle)
  • Celestite's colour, the pale blue of the sky, is where its name comes from - the same as the word "celestial". Because of this, it has a strong historical association with heavens, angels, and divinity.
  • Rose Quartz, being the crystal of Universal Love, purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love.

 “I specialize in creating items of purposeful beauty. My magical wands are of the finest craftsmanship and created with powerful intention. These quality metaphysical tools are a reminder of the magic within every one of us. The stones contained in any one magic wand may amplify certain characteristics within you, such as personal power or mental clarity.” - Darlene

  • Length: 11.5"
  • Weight: 175 g