Carnelian Pendulum

  • $6975

Pendulums are age-old instruments used in divination and dowsing. They can determine the answer to any question through the process of allowing the body to determine an outcome through the process of "muscle testing." Simply ask a question to which you know the answer to determine which direction represents "yes" and "no," relax, and ask any question on your mind!

Carnelian is chalcedony that contains iron, giving it its colour. Carnelian promotes steadfastness and encourages a sense of community - including helping others, and standing up for a good cause. Lifting emotions, it is a stone of courage, and gives one the strength to solve problems quickly and pragmatically. It helps brings us to proper conclusions, and dispels confusion.


  • Hexagon carnelian point & topper embedded with garnet, peridot & amethyst
  • Sterling silver setting
  • 8" length including chain and pendulum
  • Crystal quartz tip to hold