Celtic Pentagram Athame


This athame features a metal lacework Celtic knot handle with a pentagram at its center, double-edged blade and faceted faux green jewel in the pommel. The curved blade and handle are fashioned from stainless-steel, giving them a substantial, comfortable weight in the hand. A hard plastic sheath slides snugly over the blade, and it adorned with a red Celtic knot.

Athames are ceremonial blades and the main ritual implement used in pagan ceremony. Their primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, as well as to cast magic circles, and invoke elemental guardians. An essential tool for ritual and ceremonial magic! 


  • 12.5" long with stainless-steel, Celtic knot handle and jeweled pommel
  • 6.5" stainless-steel, matte finish unsharpened blade
  • Total weight 470g (1 lb)