Chakra Meditation Kit

  • $2095

Bring balance to your mind, body and spirit

If you are ready to make positive changes in your life and in your overall sense of peace and well-being, then this Chakra Meditation Kit is for you! This kit gives you all the tolls you need to perform empowering rituals to consciously create balance and affirm wellness in your life.

According to ancient wisdom, seven major energy centers - our "chakras" - exist within us. Each chakra has a unique sound, color, and influence on specific life issues that regulate the flow of the universal life force into and throughout our bodies. But stress, trauma, and negative thinking can block the flow of this life force and cause anxiety, depression, and loss of vitality.

You have the power to bring balance to your chakra energies and improve the quality of your life spiritually, mentally, and physically. The gentle, life-affirming rituals of the Chakra Meditation Kit help you manifest true happiness, health, and success. They are fun, easy to do, and they work!

The Chakra Meditation Kit tools:

  • Music CD with nine Guided Chakra Meditations
  • Portfolio of seven Contemplation Cards and easel
  • 48-page illustrated Guide to Your Chakras