Clear Quartz Pendulum

  • $5300

Pendulums are age-old instruments used in divination and dowsing. They can determine the answer to any question through the process of allowing the body to determine an outcome through the process of "muscle testing." Simply ask a question to which you know the answer to determine which direction represents "yes" and "no," relax, and ask any question on your mind!

This pendulum features a clear quartz point in a conical shape. Clear or crystal quartz has been considered a healing and magical crystal among many cultures. As its colour implies, clear quartz encourages clarity and neutrality - this improving perception and understanding. It strengthens our conviction and helps problem solving, while heightening our awareness and enhancing the effectiveness of other stones used with it.

Amethyst encourages wakefulness, and gives one the ability to judge and provoke honesty. As a meditation stone it helps quiet the mind, and find inner peace within - aiding in issues of grief and loss. Its use as a stone of sobriety helps us to face all experience, and heightens concentration.


  • Conical clear quartz point and amethyst topper
  • Sterling silver setting and halo
  • 8.5" length including chain and pendulum
  • Crystal quartz tip to hold