College of Magical Knowledge (1500 pieces)

  • $3925

College of Magical Knowledge by James C. Christensen

"The College of Magical Knowledge" is the most recognized and adored setting in Christensen’s “land a little left of reality” and was featured in his best-selling book The Voyage of the Basset. “The inscription over the entrance reads Scientia est Potentia,” relates Christensen, “so the institution was founded on the principle that ‘Knowledge is Power’ But it is vital to realize that here, at this place, the traditional human paths to knowledge, to become political beings or financiers, are incomplete. Science itself only offers us one way of looking at our problems. One needs to add the suspension of disbelief in order to gain access to the magic found in life. You don’t learn ordinary things here.

  • 1500 piece jigsaw puzzle
  • 26" X 32"
  • Recommended age: 10 and up