Dirk Wod Damascus Athame



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This impressive athame features a wide, flat Damascus steel blade and wooden hilt inlaid with brass and pewter accents. Damascus steel blade & skull cracker with pewter and brass embellishments on the hilt. Comes with a goat leather sheath. 

Named after it's origin, Damascus steel comes from the Near East, and is a legendary material historically known to be incredibly sharp - even cutting a hair that falls across the blade! Modern Damascus is produced by welding several types of steel and iron slices to give its blade an organic, flowing pattern. While not as sharp as its predecessor, it is a beautiful blade prized by collectors.

Athames are ceremonial blades and the main ritual implement used in pagan ceremony. Their primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, as well as to cast magic circles, and invoke elemental guardians. An essential tool for ritual and ceremonial magic! 

Please note that the blade requires oil to prevent rusting.


  • 15" long with wood handle adorned with brass & pewter finishing & rivets
  • 8.5" Damascus steel blade, single-edge sharpened
  • Leather sheath with closing clasp and belt loop