Dragon Head Wall-Mounted Lamp

Add a distinctive fantasy flair to your home with this impressive dragon lamp. Designed to be mounted onto a wall, this Gothic dragon head is made of cold-cast resin and is painted in dark stony colours with intricately carved scales. The orbed lamp hanging from its mouth resembles a medieval lantern, and casts a soft white light on its surroundings.

The piece is mounted on a dark grey plaque with two holes in the back for wall hanging. It measures 14" wide x 16" tall by 12" deep and weighs approximately 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

The orbed lamp is held in a clasp that can be removed to replace the bulb inside. The light bulb socket is designed for a 40W bulb (included with the lamp), and the lamp plugs into a standard North American outlet. 

Please note that due to the size and weight of this piece, we are unable to offer flat-rate shipping for it through our website. This item is available for sale in-store only, or via shipping. To obtain a shipping quote please email us or call 604-689-8931 with your address.