Fairy on Moon Pendant

This sterling silver pendant features a fairy sitting on a crescent moon, and measures 32 mm in height. Her outstretched arm holds a star plucked from the night sky!

Fairies are elemental creatures who care for nature and animals, sometimes called ‘fae’ or ‘the fair folk’. They are rooted in nature, and so are connected with forests and gardens, and other wild, natural places. Fairies are often connected with a specific tree or flower and channel different types of magic.

Fairies are known as both protective and mischevious creatures, and there are myths of children being stolen and replaced with fairy ‘changelings’. Fairy rings, or perfect circles of mushrooms or stones, is where fairies are thought to dance under full moons. They are often creatures of love, light, and caring energy.

Pictured on an 18" snake chain (not included).