Ice Dragon Table


This attention-grabbing table features a majestic blue dragon supporting the tempered round-glass top, curling down towards a blue baby dragon at the pillar's base. Surrounded by icicles, and beautifully painted from scales to intricate detailing on their faces, this dragon table is a colourful and unique addition to any home.

  • Measurements: 27" height; 23.5" tabletop glass diameter; 15" wide base
  • Material: base made from solid cold-cast resin; tempered glass tabletop
  • Attachments: Metallic pegs attached to glass screw in to dragon's wings
Please note that due to the size and weight of this piece, we are unable to offer flat-rate shipping for it through our website. This item is available for sale in-store, or via shipping. To obtain a shipping quote please email us or call 604-689-8931 with your address.