Jon Snow's Sword "Longclaw"

Own a piece of Game of Thrones with this full-sized replica of Longclaw, a Valyrian steel sword, and the weapon of Commander of the Night's Watch and King of the North, Jon Snow. The ancestral weapon of House Mormont, the sword was passed down to Jon Snow, with a new direwolf pommel - the sigil of House Stark.

One of the most valuable and powerful swords in the Game of Thrones saga, this detailed replica comes with a plaque for hanging on the wall. A sure hit with collectors and fans of the series and books!


  • Overall length: 42"
  • Blade material: 32.5" tempered stainless steel, false-edged, three fullers on each side, mirror-finish
  • Hand grip: faux-leather grooved wrap, resin direwolf head pommel
  • Plaque: wood painted with Stark motto "Winter is Coming" and direwolf sigil, metal pegs for hanging

Category: Game of Thrones

Type: Swords