Nathair - The Snake



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Crafted from fine pewter, this pendant comes complete with a 33" black cord and hangs on a inscribed legend card.


The snake is a sign of the ancient religion of the Celts. The Druids revered the snake as a spirit messenger, bringing wisdom from the underworld. It was also a symbol of transformation, as the snake sheds it's skin and emerges anew many times during its life. The Druids identified themselves with the snake. They saw their introspections fir the image of the snake retreating underground. They saw the hatching of their eggs as a metaphor for the opening of sudden insight and realization. The snakes of Ireland were its priests and priestesses before the coming of the Catholics. Like all mystics, the Druids saw that the only healthy direction is change and a continuous letting go of old skins and wrappings. The gem the snakes guard is the heart, and they guard it from things that stop it from changing.


  • 1" diameter pendant
  • 33" black cord
  • Legend card
  • Gem color may vary