Natural Solid Perfumes


These lovely solid perfumes are made in Insia and stored in individual cloisonné brass jars measuring 3/4" in diameter. Each jar contains 4g of natural perfume made from beeswax, aloe vera, jojoba oil, wheatgerm oil, and assorted essential oils. To use, simply rub the perfume onto your skin and discover the delightful, long lasting fragrance of these aromatic blends!

Amber: know as the "King of Scents" it will help you let go of daily concerns and enter the world of sensual arousal or spiritual elevation, depending on the intention. A sweet layered scent, with spicy, earthy rich undertones.

Aphrodesia: combines a heady rose and jasmine smoothed out with a base of sandalwood and vanilla, it's a perfect combination!

Gardenia: intensive sweet floral, silky aroma of gardenia is similar to the scent of jasmine, and as much exciting.

Jasmine: a much beloved flower that lifts the spirits, relaxes the body and dissolves emotional barriers. It has long been used as an aphrodisiac, and has an exotic, rich and warm flower scent. 

Krishna Musk: rich, leathery, spicy and even woodsy. The sensual and warm musk is calming, balanced and a very deep scent.

Lily of the Valley: green floral with a clean and bright profile, sweetish jasmine-like aroma.

Neroli: An essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Its scent is sweet, honeyed and somewhat metallic with green and spicy facets.

Patchouli: herbaceous and musky in aroma, Patchouli has a satisfying earthy quality, that is great to "ground" a person. Helps with peace of mind and is a great aphrodisiac!

Sandalwood: Used in perfume for at least 4000 years. Its effects are relaxing with a woody sweet and exotic scent.

Vanilla: A warm, sweet and sexy scent. Vanilla has an amazing calming and aphrodisiac effect. Vanilla is well known for reducing stress and anxiety.