Red Dragon & LED Eye

Decorated in metallic shades of red and gold, this dragon has large, pronounced features, and measures 7" in height by 8" wide. He rests a protective paw upon a dragon eye encased in a brass-coloured ring bordered with a Celtic weave. The dragon's eye is a well known symbol of protection, and casts its gaze over all before it.

This figurine lights up! A switch on its base illuminates the dragon eye with light that cycles between 7 different colours. Perfect as a night light, or illuminating accent for your home! 

Includes 3 button cell batteries inside the figurine to power the LED light, and 3 backup batteries inside the box.

Please note that figurines are cast in resin and individually hand-painted. They will naturally have variations in their coloration, and consequently the piece you receive may not be exactly as shown.