Resiliency Journal



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5 Minutes a Day toward Strength, Balance, and Inspiration

With 366 days of guidance, inspiration and positivity, this 5-minutes-a-day journal is the perfect tool to help you traverse difficult times—and remind you that you do possess an inner strength.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. The promotion you wanted went to someone else. That rock-solid relationship suddenly faltered. A family member or friend passes away. A critical illness appears just as you’ve made positive changes for your health. Or you experience unexpected financial hardship. Whatever the challenges, it is crucial to develop resiliency, so you can face adversity and bounce back better than ever. With 365 days of guidance, inspiration, and positivity, this journal is the perfect tool to offer reassurance, inspiration, or connection. Maria Gamb takes you on a journaling journey informed by nuggets of the latest psychology and neuroscience, with prompts that encourage you to get deeper in touch with what makes you feel self-confident and empowered; enjoy more and stress less; gain optimism; stay connected; offer thanks; find hope; and much more. Let this journal act as a reminder that you possess an inner strength that simply needs to be harnessed in order to feel happy and fulfilled again.

  • Author: Maria Gamb
  • Format: Padded hardcover; gold-gilded edges
  • Pages: 376 pages, all in 2-colour
  • Dimensions: 4 X 6"