Scottish Dirk & Cutlery Set



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Based on the blade and cutlery used by 19th century Scottish elite, the Scottish Dirk & Cutlery Set is a unique combo of dagger, knife, and fork perfect for historic re-enactments and medieval banquets! Made from stainless steel, the dagger has a false upper edge and serrated spine. The dagger hilt is black with a quilted, metal studded texture, and an inset red gem on the pommel. 

This dagger comes with a matching sheath that houses two additional ornaments, a miniature knife and fork with matching handles. Intricately detailed and unique, this is a great display piece, or for those with an interest in blades & Scottish history.


  • Overall length 20"; dagger length 11.5"
  • Polished stainless-steel blade; hard plastic resin handle and sheath
  • Total weight 715 g (1.6 lb)