Sting Sword with Plaque

The infamous sword of Bilbo Baggins, originally appearing in The Hobbit but passed onto Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Its’ engraving is written in Elven script and reads ‘Sting is my name, I am the spiders bane’. Beautifully replicated, this sword is made entirely of stainless steel and wood (no plastic), and features delicate engravings on the blade, hilt, and plaque.

The plaque features delicately painted Elven script from Tolkein's world, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors of all kinds!


  • Stainless steel engraved blade in a matte finish and measuring 29" in length, with a wood and metal painted handle
  • Wood plaque painted with gold-coloured Elven script onto which to hang the sword

Category: Lord of the Rings

Type: Swords