The Art of Dreaming



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From one of the most respected shamans in the world, comes a dreaming manual that will awaken minds and satisfy souls

This book contains detailed descriptions of different dreaming techniques. The techniques in this book are geared for beginners and are meant to show, as well as guide, a dreamer through the four stages (or “Gates”) of dreaming. After mastering passage through the four Gates, one will have better command of dreams, the potential of those dreams, and what they symbolize in our waking world.

With The Art of Dreaming one can appreciate, as Carlos Castaneda did, how finding the way to alternate realities through the consciousness of dreams is the essence of life. Castaneda also explains the concept of the ancients who live among us, always wise and at times even dangerous. The Art of Dreaming then teaches one to explore the dream world with a partner, enabling one to experience the dream world with a loved one, or friend. In this enchanting book, Castaneda solidifies his place as guide, teacher and philosopher to an entire new generation.

  • Authors: Carlos Castaneda
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dimensions: 8" x 5.3"
  • Pages: 272 pages