The Positive Journal



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5 Minutes a Day Toward a Happier Life

With 365 days of guidance, inspiration, and journaling, you can stay positive all year. And all you need is five minutes a day!  

This five-minutes-a-day journal can help you develop into the best possible you, thanks to the pathways of positive psychology. Using science-backed research, The Positive Journal offers inspiring tips, prompts, and exercises to guide you to long-term happiness and a fulfilling life. More than a gratitude journal, this book teaches you how to mindfully savor the moments, build friendships and confidence, handle challenges and emotions, and realize your personal potential.

  • Author: Nancy F. Clark
  • ISBN: 9781454925026
  • Format: Padded hardcover; gold-gilded edges
  • Pages: 376 pages, all in 2-colour
  • Dimensions: 4 X 6"