Tosaigh - The Star



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Crafted from fine pewter, this pendant comes complete with a 33" black cord and hangs on a inscribed legend card.


The 5-pointed figure almost always evokes the image of a star, and stars evoke the sky. At the same time, it's also a stick-figure, one of the more ancient and widespread glyphs known. It stands, simply, for a human being. At the same time, it's a metaphor for the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. The unknowing eye passes over these simple, commonplace designs, but they are drawn from the most ancient stores of earthly wisdom. This Star comes from the Celtic tradition, where the fascination with the skies, the one thing that is not made of earthly elements, goes back before living memory. The standing stones of Ireland point to places in the sky. And they, it has been said, were built by giants who walked the Irish earth before the first people appears. One star can be the whole universe, when it's seen with the inner eye.


  • 1" diameter pendant
  • 33" black cord
  • Legend card
  • Gem color may vary