Wizards Tarot

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Step through the doors of Mandrake Academy

...where you will don the robes of a magical apprentice and learn from your instructor - the tarot. Featuring gorgeous, intricately rendered digital artwork by John J. Blumen, this wonderfully unique deck presents a full course in basic magic while teaching you the timeless are of reading the cards.

Progress through the 78-card Rider-Waiter-based deck and explore twenty-two enjoyable lessons, as taught by the Empress, professor of herbal magic; the Heirophant, professor of mythology; and other traditional figures who hail from the Major Arcana.

Gain skills in spellcasting, herbalism, runes, astrology, astral travel, shapeshifting, and other essential topics. Practice four schools of elemental magic, represented by the four suits of the Minor Arcana: fire, water, air, and earth.

  • Deck Format Features: 78 cards - 7.0cm X 11.4cm; Instruction booklet 
  • Set Format Features: 78 cards - 7.0cm X 11.4cm; 264-page book