Fairy Collection

The world of faerie captures our imaginations from childhood and often keeps its sparkling hold. Elemental creatures with a strong connection to nature, fairies have also been called the ‘fae’, the ‘fair folk’ or the ‘good people’ - but whatever their manifestation, they evoke an air of magic and mystery. At Dragonspace, we pride ourselves on housing fairies of all kinds, from the dainty forest sprites we see in storybooks to ethereal goddesses and Gothic princesses.

Each fairy has her own unique personality, so take your time when browsing our fairy collections. As well as our ever-popular statuettes, you’ll find large statues to adorn your garden or hallway, whimsical hanging fairies and bubble riders, trinket-boxes to hide your fairy treasures, and more. There’s something magical to make every fairy-lover’s day.

Our newest fairy products