About Us

DragonSpace is a unique gift store that has made its home on Vancouver's beautiful Granville Island for over 30 years! Beyond its arched wooden doors lies a world of myth and magic, featuring an ever-changing selection of books, giftware, jewelry, clothing, art and much more.

Just as the grand dragons in old stories guarded mounds of precious treasure, so too do our dragons guard many wonders and delights. Whether you're a lover of mythology and fantasy, fascinated by ancient and medieval cultures, partial to fine and distinctive jewelry, or curious about non-traditional belief systems such as Wicca and New Age spirituality, DragonSpace can provide you with special pieces to add to (or start) your collection.

Our staff is constantly on the lookout for new and interesting pieces to add to our collection, which includes pieces from all over the world as well as from local artisans. We maintain a permanent collection of stationery, clothing items, and figurines, but our stock changes significantly over the course of the year, so please feel free to check in with us if you're looking for something in particular!