The Godfather Tarot



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Includes: A 78-card Tarot Deck and a Book on the Corleone Family and its History

The Godfather Tarot includes an all-new tarot deck inspired by the classic film trilogy along with a companion book that profiles the characters, events, and cards.
In celebration of the greatest film series of all time, this deluxe gift set updates the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck to capture the world of The Godfather.

The King of Swords, The Emperor, Death, Justice, and the Wheel of Fortune are just a few of the tarot cards that, when paired with the characters and events in The Godfather trilogy, become evocative in a whole new way.

Each of the 78 cards is connected to the trilogy by characters and situations, making it perfect for die-hard fans as well as tarot practitioners, from novice to expert, who are looking for guidance.

The beautifully illustrated, highly giftable deck comes with a full-color companion book that profiles the key characters and events from the saga and pairs them with featured cards along with providing a basic introduction to tarot reading. Whether you are looking to add a unique deck to your collection or are a fan of the films, The Godfather Tarot is a must-have addition!


  • Can be read exactly as you would the popular Rider–Waite deck
  • A high-quality tarot deck with original illustrations depicting the characters and evoking the legacy of The Godfather
  • Comes with a full-color companion book on the Corleone Family, profiling the characters, events, and cards
  • Perfectly giftable packaging
    • Author(s): Will Corona Pilgrim
    • Dimensions: 5.8" x 7.8"
    • Includes: 78-card deck & 96-page guidebook