7-Day Candle: Happy Home



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Madame Phoenix 7 Day Candle: Happy Home House Blessing

Light this candle as part of a personal ritual when you would like to infuse your home with positive energy- individually hand crafted with organic soy wax and pure essential oils that are chosen from time honoured ingredients said to bring peace, happiness, health, luck and prosperity.

A great housewarming gift or a wonderful way to help improve the energy in your current living space. Topped with herbs, resins, crystals or a hamsa hand on them.

Made with a natural cotton wick, soy wax and pure essential oils, blended for maximum effect. Each element of this candle has been carefully chosen for its magical associations drawn from years of experience. You can light it as part of a larger ritual or spell, or simply use it on its own!

  • Candle magic is some of the oldest and simplest forms of spell craft.
  • Candle is topped and dressed with special elements to enhance the qualities of the candle.
  • All Organic ~ Vegan
  • Measures 8" tall by 2.5" wide
  • Weighs approx. 700g