Dohmanh - The Cosmos



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Crafted from fine pewter, this pendant comes complete with a 33" black cord and hangs on a inscribed legend card.


The Celts loved woven patterns. Not only were their artists good at it, but they saw a deep and subtle meaning in them. The Celtic weave echoes the connections between all things. The weave twists and winds, and goes over and under itself, making a pattern that's easier to understand in it's details. Seeing the whole pattern takes a shift in vision. This makes a beautiful metaphor for living in the world. We need a higher vision to see life's larger pattern, past the details of the million moments in which we actually experience the cosmos we live in. The circle is a sight of the cosmos. The larger world in which our own hearts, like gems, sit at the center connected to everything at once.


  • 1" diameter pendant
  • 33" black cord
  • Legend card
  • Gem color may vary