Dracopedia: The Great Dragons



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An Artist's Field Guide and Drawing Journal

An Artist's Field Guide to the World's Great Dragons!

Creatures of great beauty and terrible ferocity, dragons have been featured and revered for centuries. Of the thousand-plus species still in existence, none have inspired more folklore and artistic awe than the eight species of Great Dragons. Within these pages, these fire-breathing monsters of legend - the rock stars of the dragon world - come to life through the work of artist and adventurer William O'Connor.

Not since the original Dracopedia has there been such a beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched guide on the subject, with special focus on the distinctive features of each species - from the broad horns of the Icelandic white dragon to the elaborate neck frills of the Ligurian gray. Based on the author's expeditions to sanctuaries around the globe and consults with prominent regional experts, Dracopedia: The Great Dragons presents never-before assembled facts and instruction to help you capture the heart-beating grandeur of these magnificent monsters. Inside, find everything you need to know to capture the essence of your favorite dragons through your artwork:

  • Learn about the habits, anatomy and natural history of 8 fierce and fantastic dragons
  • Each profile features sketches, drawings and start-to-finish creation of a stunning artwork, illustrating key concepts that apply to any medium
  • Discover special techniques for achieving dramatic lighting effects, powerful compositions and the incredible sculptural forms and textures of dragons
  • Includes a gallery of dragons and a foldout comparison poster
  • Author: William O'Connor
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 160 pages
  • Dimensions: 11.1" x 8.6" x 0.7"