Eagna - The Elements



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Crafted from fine pewter, this pendant comes complete with a 33" black cord and hangs on a inscribed legend card.


The four-pointed star is a symbol of the four elements. The ancients believed that there were only four "essences" that made up the world. Each thing was made of a different combination and a different balance on these four primordial expressions of creation. They believed that these qualities could help them understand anything in this complex world. But there was another meaning to the four elements, kept secret by mystery schools in the tradition of Plato and Pythagoras. The four elements are also the four basic moods of the human mind. The secret teaching was simple: Keep asking yourself, over and over - How do I feel now? Like the Earth, like Fire, like Water, or like Air. This simple exercise taught the person to see their own anger, sadness, joy and contentment, and to learn, in time, to choose the positive moods. And so the Four Elements were a way to transform the base metal of thoughts and feelings into the Gold of spirituality; the center of the cross; the gem at the center.


  • 1" diameter pendant
  • 33" black cord
  • Legend card
  • Gem color may vary