Eastern Athame



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This elegant and ornate athame is inspired by imagery from the orient - featuring intricate detailing throughout the hilt and sheath, and a red braided tassel for added flair. A chain with lobster-clasp closure attaches to the sheath, and the back features a belt-clip for easy wear! A push button releases the sheath closure to reveal a blade decorated with a phoenix and dragon duo, a traditional symbol of luck and good fortune.

Athames are ceremonial blades and the main ritual implement used in pagan ceremony. Their primary use is to channel and direct psychic energy, as well as to cast magic circles, and invoke elemental guardians. An essential tool for ritual and ceremonial magic! 


  • 11" long with metal & plastic hilt/sheath
  • 5.5" stainless-steel blade
  • Chain with lobster-clasp; belt clip; push-button sheath lock
  • Total weight 315 g (0.7 lb)