Evil Eye Pendulum



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The evil eye is a supernatural belief in a curse brought about by a malevolent glare, usually inspired by envy. The belief in the evil eye among humans has existed since prehistory, and amulets to protect against it have been found dating to about 5,000 years ago. The meaning of having evil eye jewelry, pendulums, talismans etc. is that they are designed to protect the wearer from evil and ward off the evil that has been directed at them. Owning any item with the evil eye symbol on it provides the person with both power and protection against evil spirits or bad luck.

Pendulums have been used for ages for divination and determining the answer to any question which the rational mind cannot perceive. This is accomplished by allowing the body, through a process known as "muscle testing," to determine the outcome. Simply ask a question to which you know the answer to determine which circular or horizontal/vertical "+" motion is yes or no. Get relaxed, then ask your question!

Included: Evil Eye pendulum on a pendulum chain with matching blue bead on the end.

These pendulums will have variations in their coloration and evil eye size, and consequently the piece you receive may not be exactly as shown.