Fairytale Gloom



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Let's face it: fairytales are awful.

Witches lure children with houses made of candy, ogres look for human-sized snacks, and poisoned apples lurk around every corner. It's exactly the kind of world that's made for Gloom — the game where misery and sadness earn you points, and happiness will cost you the game. Together, you and your fellow players will weave a tale of princesses who die in dance-offs and brave boys who become beasts.

In Fairytale Gloom, each player selects their own fairytale Characters, placing Modifier cards on them to make them miserable, and on other players' cards to make them horribly happy. As you play, tell the tale of exactly how it came to be that the prince was mocked by a mirror and turned into a toad.

Storytelling is half the fun in Fairytale Gloom! When your Characters have reached the heights of misery, kill them off with an unhappy ending and lock in your points.

  • Two 55-card decks of transparent cards and a rules sheet in a double-width tuckbox
  • 2-5 players
  • Ages 13+
  • Play time approx. 60 minutes
  • Can be played alone or combined with the Gloom second edition core game and any of its expansions