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In Focus Runes is your go-to reference for everything you need to know about these ancient, mystical symbols of divination.

Learn the basics of runes and how to use them to reveal the future and make your life better and more enjoyable. This accessible and beautifully designed guide includes a frameable poster of runes and their essential meanings.

Runes are the letters of the ancient Norse alphabet, but each letter contains secret, mysterious meanings used for magical purposes. Unlike tarot cards, playing cards, and even chess pieces, runes don’t reflect the lives of historical kings, queens, and courtiers. Instead, they focus on the legendary gods of the Norse and Saxon peoples, created to explain the world and its inhabitants.

The runes have ancient roots but continue to offer relevant and down-to-earth messages for those who possess a basic understanding of them. Rune readings can throw light on murky situations and offer advice on how solve problems, move forward in life, and predict the future. To unlock the full potential of these powerful symbols, you’ll discover:

  • the mythology behind each rune
  • the various meanings of each rune
  • how to lay out runes in spreads for a rune reading
  • how to make your own runes
  • the secrets of rune casting and rune magic

Read them for yourself or cast them for friends and family. The more you use them, the better you’ll become at giving accurate readings, earning the respect accorded to the rune readers of old. Combining elegance and expertise, this is your essential modern guide to an ancient tradition.

  • Author: Jan Budkowski
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dimensions: 9.3" x 6.2"
  • Pages: 144 pages; 1 (18" x 24") wall chart