Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB



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Mount your horse and ride out to meet these ferocious dragons! This Knights & Dragons TOOB contains a knight with a lance, a knight with a battle axe, a knight with a 2-handed sword, a knight with a great sword, and a pikeman, as well as the Peluda, Wyvern, Tiamat, and Drake dragons.

The largest of all the dragons, red dragons are vicious, powerful, and worst of all, aggressive! Set these individually hand-painted figurines up in a diorama to tell an epic story, or engage in awesome creative play as you organize your troops to march upon the beasts’ lair!

  • Size: TOOB is 1.5" diameter by 13" tall; figurines measure 1.25-3.75" tall
  • Material: Non-toxic, BPA free plastic
  • Contents: 9 figurines per TOOB