Oracle of the Unicorns



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Enter an enchanted realm of magic and miracles

Written by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs

Published by Blue Angel Publishing

Oracle of the Unicorns is a stunning 44-card divination deck featuring artworks that portray the Unicorns and Winged Horses as powerful guides, allies and healers on our journey to reclaiming our magic and power. 

Inside the 84-page booklet that comes with Oracle of the Unicorns, you'll find a link to download an exclusive 30-minute 'Meet your Unicorns' MP3 meditation, to activate your deck and connect with your Unicorn guides.

Look for this link in the introduction section of the booklet and download this beautiful guided journey for free.

You'll adore this gorgeous deck with its breath-taking images, high-quality cards and beautiful messages. A must for Unicorn lovers, and the perfect addition to any oracle deck collection.