The Princess and the Giant


She clambered up the bean stalk. Brave Sophie didn't stop till she reached the giant's castle, which was balanced on the top.

Princess Sophie can't sleep, and it's all because there's a big grumpy giant stomping around above her all night. So she does what any brave princess would, and climbs to the top of the bean stalk to see if she can help the giant sleep. After some porridge, a teddy bear, and a comfy mattress fail to give the giant a good night's rest, Sophie has one last idea - could a bedtime story be the key to a peaceful slumber for everyone?

From the creators of The Princess and the Presents and The Princess and the Peas, here is a perfect bedtime story for princesses, giants, and everyone in between.

  • Author(s): Caryl Hart (Author), Sarah Warburton (Illustrator)
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 32 pp.
  • Dimensions25.7 x 1 x 29.6 cm

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Type: Storybooks