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Understanding Your Signs, Your Gifts, and Yourself

How does each planetary sign, each house, and the relationships between planetary bodies influence your life? This essential guide lets you harness the energy of your unique astrological influences and gifts!

Building on the basics of traditional astrology with an in-depth understanding of the 12 signs, 12 houses, the planets, and the planetary combinations, The Astrology Guide: Understanding Your Signs, Your Gifts, and Yourself includes interpretations of the asteroid Chiron and the recently discovered dwarf planets Ceres, Eris, and Sedna. Beginner and advanced practitioners will benefit from its mastery of chart interpretation and its understanding of the gifts (and challenges) of planetary energies.

Rather than interpreting planetary influences as "good" or "bad,” thereby putting the individual in a box, The Astrology Guide looks at the "gift" and the corresponding "shadow" each planet, sign, house placement, and planetary combination in the astrology chart offers. The “shadow” is a concept first coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung that describes those aspects of the personality that we choose to reject or repress, and embracing the planetary shadow creates personal empowerment. The planets are not doing something to you; instead, you can learn to interact with them, dance with their energy, and exist in harmony with them. This informative guide aids in self-discovery and furthers self-empowerment by helping you answer questions such as …

Who are you?
What makes you unique?
Do you know your unique gifts?
What needs to be healed before you fully embrace your unique self?
Are there obstacles interfering with expressing your unique gifts or are these obstacles the gift?
Is there a story you are reflecting that is influenced by a prominent planet, asteroid, or a newly discovered dwarf planet in your chart?
How do you relate to the Moon's Nodal influences in your birth chart?
Is there an archetypal story that resonates with you?
How do the minor aspects to your Personal Planets enrich your understanding of your talents and abilities?
What are the flaws or the “shadows” following you around?
Are those shadows bringing you down …, taking away your joy?
Do these shadows include traumas, blocks, and wounds?
And, much, much more!

The Astrology Guide will develop your resilience to life’s cycles and outer influences and show you the unconscious parts of yourself that subtly influence your behavior. Numerous photographs and illustrations, a helpful bibliography, and an extensive index add to its usefulness. Learn about your innate, unique gifts and gain satisfaction, fulfillment, and confidence!

  • Author(s): Claudia Trivelas, Katharine Merlin (Foreword by)
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 336 pages
  • Dimensions: 9.3" x 7.1"