The Prince and the Pee


Prince Freddie is off to save a castle from a ferocious dragon when he realizes that he really, really needs to pee. But what with scary ogres, damsels in distress, and impossibly long lines for the only bathroom in the forest, it looks like Freddie will have to face the fire-breathing dragon without having relieved himself. Or will he? The two-birds-with-one-stone ending to this hilarious tale from the brilliant Greg Gormley and Chris Mould will have readers laughing so hard, they’ll run for their own restrooms.

    • Author(s): Greg Gormley (Author), Chris Mould (Illustrator)
    • Format: Hardcover
    • Pages: 32 pp.
    • ISBN: 9780763699161

    Collections: Storybooks

    Type: Storybooks