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Unlock the Meaning of the Cards, Spreads, and the Mystery of the Tarot

Learn the secrets and power of tarot reading with The Tarot Directory.

In The Tarot Directory, learn to understand the history and process of tarot reading. A powerful mystical tool, the tarot's imagery is a symbolic universal language that you can quickly learn to understand, and which will unlock your own innate psychic potential.

From learning how to use and care for your deck to getting to know each individual card and their meanings, everything you need to become an expert in tarot lies with in these pages. Learn to read the cards individually and together to create infinite combinations of meanings and predictions. Satisfy your curiosity of the future and learn that tarot is about understanding the decisions you or others make.

Perfect for beginners, tarot is a great place to begin learning about divination. This gorgeous book is a full guide to get you started on your journey with tarot reading. Make sense of your life, and your friends' lives, by learning to understand what the future may hold.

  • Author(s): Isabella Drayson
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 192 pages
  • Dimensions: 9.2" x 7.1"