Trionaid - The Trinity



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Crafted from fine pewter, this pendant comes complete with a 33" black cord and hangs on a inscribed legend card.


The Triangle is a symbol of the trinity, the threefold nature of God or the Goddess. The Christian trinity is made of God - the Father, God - the son, and the Holy Spirit. Long before that, the Celts had another Trinity, The Triple Goddess. She had three faces. The Mother, who appears through each human mother. She guides the people in the ways of living. The Maiden, who appears in each new thing, pregnancy, or birth. She goads men to love and women to celebrate, keeping life joyful. Lastly, there is the Crone, who appears at the end of things, and holds the higher wisdom that only old age can learn. In their wisdom, protection and happiness, the triple Goddess embraces all aspects of life, the jewel they keep at the center.


  • 1" diameter pendant
  • 33" black cord
  • Legend card
  • Gem color may vary