Triquetra Tree of Life Ring


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  • Available in sizes 4 through 9 (click here for a size chart)
  • Made from sterling silver (92.5)

The Tree of Life is a common motif in various world mythologies, symbolizing the connection between our cosmic and terrestrial worlds as branches and roots of the tree. Often framed within a circular setting, It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet. It is also a symbol of our common ancestry, and a metaphor for the evolutionary process.

The contemporary Triquetra is a timeless and beautiful symbol used to represent the trinities of theologies, such as the Mother, Maiden and Crone in neopaganism, or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Christian traditions. It is also believed to be a protective symbol of body, mind and spirit. When given to a loved one, it represents the three promises of a relationship such as to love, honour, and protect.

Each of our rings is made from sterling silver (92.5% purity), and moulded to a variety of sizes. Their genuine craftsmanship is sure to please the eye, and the deep symbolism of their designs connects them to our hearts and minds.