10 Unique Oracle Decks
May 07, 2018

10 Unique Oracle Decks

Many people are familiar with the art of tarot—using symbolic cards as divinatory tools. But how much do you know about oracle cards? 

Oracle cards are often grouped together with tarot, but they're actually quite different. Tarot cards work together as a unified set (containing the Major and Minor Arcana, similar to a traditional playing card deck), and they're normally read in systematic 'spreads'.

Oracle cards (which also encompass angel and wisdom cards) are more free-form and flexible. You often don't require special knowledge to read oracle cards—hallelujah!

The most common way to use oracle cards is to intuitively pick a single card from your chosen deck at the beginning of the day, or when you're in most need of guidance. This card will then act like your Pole Star, leading you in the right direction and helping you to make sense of life.

Just like tarot decks, there are hundreds of oracle and wisdom decks out there, produced by artists and visionaries who want to bring their own unique touch to the magical art of oracle reading. We've selected ten of our most unique (and popular!) oracle decks here - take a look!

1. The Original Angel Cards

The Original Angel Cards are a great introduction to the world of oracle. With a bright simple design, these little cards have a clear message stamped on each of them—like 'healing', 'joy' or 'celebration'—accompanied by homely images of angels. With their small size and clear imagery, it's so easy to have these cards nestled in a bowl in your home or business, for yourself or your guests to easily pick up. The message you select will help guide the rest of your day.

2. Healing With The Fairies Cards

Fairies are powerful figures. Their healing and guidance is called upon in many magical practices, and oracle reading is no exception. This beautiful fairy-inspired deck is created by acclaimed spiritual writer Doreen Virtue. Containing 44 unique cards, the colourful fairy imagery in this deck is accompanied by powerful messages like "Quiet Time", "Trust Your Intuition" and "Raising Your Standards". Pick a card from this deck, and you'll have a clear focus to channel your energies for the day.

3. Magickal Spellcards

These cards a bit different than your average oracle deck. Instead of containing an image and message, each card in this deck features a unique spell by bestselling author and witch, Lucy Cavendish. You'll find empowering spells focused on love, beauty, abundance and more, all accompanied by an in-depth guidebook to help you with your spell-casting. These cards can be used like an oracle deck (i.e. pick a card at random from the deck and let it guide you), or you can take a more organised approach.

4. Lenormand Oracle

Marie Anne Lenormand was a French fortune-teller, famous for being Napolean's card reader and guide. This oracle deck is based on the legendary clairvoyant's practice, and is a little more structured than your traditional oracle. Each card in the 36-card deck contains a number and a 19th-century inspired image, accompanied by an in-depth guide to help you read this unique set. It might take you a little bit longer to pick up Lenormand's approach to cartomancy, but it's definitely worth a try—her legacy is legendary, after all!

5. Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards

This gorgeous deck features paintings by acclaimed artist Susan Seddon Boulet, known for her images that weave magic into the animal kingdom and the natural world. Not surprisingly, animals are the muse for this deck, with each of the 48 cards featuring an animal and their spiritual profile. Intended to be used like a regular oracle deck, the animal card you pick from this selection will give you strength, guidance and wisdom to focus your day.

7. Past Life Oracle

This oracle deck is also created by Doreen Virtue, but puts a unique spin on traditional oracle reading. This set is inspired by the concept of 'past lives', and how who you were in your previous lives affects who you are today. Containing 44 cards, this deck will help you to better understand yourself so that you can overcome problems and forge a brighter future.

7. Mystical Wisdom Deck 

This vivid magical oracle deck is based on artwork by popular fantasy artist Josephine Wall. Each card in this 46-card deck features a unique angel, animal, goddess or fairy, accompanied by a bold message to guide you—such as "take a leap of faith", "open your heart" and "live life to the fullest". These gorgeous cards are sure to add light, love and wisdom into your day.

8. Kuan Yin Oracle

Kuan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, and her divine energy forms the inspiration for this ethereal oracle deck. Created by Alana Fairchild, this beautiful deck brings you closer to the goddess and to the divine feminine energy inside yourself. With breath-taking imagery inspired by Buddhist spirituality, this 44-card deck also comes with a detailed guidebook to help you in your reading.

9. Flower of Life Oracle

This nature-inspired deck is guided by the 'Wisdom of Astar', a "loving energetic consciousness". Each card in this set features a gentle and calming photograph of nature's beauties, from butterflies to flowers and all in between, accompanied by special messages to help you draw wisdom from nature. Inject peace and power into your life with this unique and soothing traditional oracle deck.

10. Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

This unique deck is inspired by the ancient art of tea-leaf reading. The distinctive circular cards in this deck feature beautiful watercolour depictions of traditional tea leaf symbols. The deck is accompanied by a detailed guidebook that will help you read both the cards and physical tea leaves—absorbing this ancient divinatory practice to its fullest!


As you can see, there's so much variety and creativity to the world of oracle card reading. Each creator brings their own interpretation to the practice, so it's up to you to decide which design and structure suits you best...and don't worry, every deck contains a detailed guide to help you! But the purpose of oracle card reading remains the same, from deck to deck—to receive divine wisdom, guidance and inspiration from the cards to help you in your daily life. 

Let us know in the comments which decks are your favourites!