Wondering about Wands?

by Kahli Scott April 03, 2017

Wondering about Wands?

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think about wands? Probably something magical, we’re guessing—a gem-encrusted witch’s wand, a gnarled wizard’s staff, or maybe even a magician’s baton.

Now think harder. You might start finding images of wands in other places too. Government officials can carry a wand of office, and musical conductors use a baton. We curl our hair with curling wands, and you might wield a wooden staff when hiking or walking to steady your footing.

The point is that wands are multi-faceted, personal and powerful objects. They guide, ground, protect, control and summon. It makes sense that a wand is one of the first items added to anyone’s magical inventory, be you an aspiring Wiccan, healer, crystal worker or curious collector.

There’s much speculation about how wands historically came to be associated with magic. Have you ever heard of a talking stick? In ancient community circles, a wooden stick would be passed around that granted the holder the right to speak, so then became a symbol of authority and wisdom. In Ancient Egypt, the hollow Wands of Horus were used by priests and pharaohs as tools of attainment, for spiritual evolution and talking to the gods. Celtic and Norse histories tell of wands as symbols of the axis of the solstices, and the Druids used wands as mystic tools for ritual and healing...perhaps the closest example to modern wand use.

So given their historical and mystic importance, there’s no question that a wand is an important thing to own. But how do you go about choosing one?

The only solid rule is to choose a wand that feels right for you. Visitors to DragonSpace, upon approaching our wand cabinet, have often let unseen energies guide them to the right wand in our handcrafted collection. Sometimes one just stands out for reasons unknown. Sometimes a gemstone in a wand has particular significance. Sometimes a pattern in the woven pewter seems more attractive than the others. Sometimes it’s the weight; sometimes it’s the warmth; the sharpness of the crystal; or the sheen of the handle.

At DragonSpace, our wand collection (pictured here) is lovingly made by Albertan wand-maker, Darlene Musser. Darlene understands the personal importance behind magic wands and hand crafts them with powerful intention. Each part of the wand has a purpose:

  •      A bottom/grounding stone, to absorb the energy in the hand
  •      A pewter foundation, to conduct the energy
  •      A top/pointing stone, to direct the energy

Meaningful gemstones are used in Darlene’s wand designs, such as rose quartz for love, agate for balance, citrine for intuition and obsidian for truth. Other embellishments such as seashells and copper thread add to the power and personal character of each wand in the collection.

While Darlene favours pewter in her wand craft, you can also find wands made out of wood. Again, the choice between wood vs. metal is yours. Wood wands provide a tangible connection to the natural world and earthy energies; while metals wands are highly conducive and energetically focused.

You’ll likely already know your intention for choosing a wand, but their uses are multi-fold. Modern day wands are commonly found in:
  •      Wiccan spell-casting and ritual
  •      Other ceremonial modern magic
  •      Reiki practise
  •      Crystal healing
  •      Meditation
  •      Ornamental collecting
  •      Theatrical/film settings
Whatever your practice or intent, buying a wand will be a personal endeavour. And as J.K Rowling’s fictional wand-maker Mr. Ollivander famously said, “The wand chooses the wizard.” So listen carefully.
Is your wand calling to you from our collection? Take a look here to see for yourself. And please get in touch if you’d like to know more!

Kahli Scott
Kahli Scott


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