10 Unique Tarot Decks
March 10, 2018

10 Unique Tarot Decks

We love the mysterious world of tarot. A while ago, we posted an Introduction to Tarot and Oracle Reading, to help you understand the basics of the sacred practice and things to consider when choosing a deck. Now, we want to celebrate the decks themselves.

There are hundreds of tarot decks out there, inspired by visuals and themes like animals, art movements, world culture, literature and more. Most standard tarot decks will still contain the traditional 78 cards, comprised of 22 Major Arcana cards and 40 Minor Arcana Cards. But each tarot deck creator will bring a unique visual flair and personal interpretation of the tarot symbols. This means that each deck is distinctive, and almost like a little treasure trove of art in itself!

Below, we take a look at ten of our most unique tarot decks. Click on the tarot titles to learn more about each deck, or to buy!

1. Mystical Cats

If you love magic, chances are you love cats too. There’s just something mystical and spiritual about these fantastic felines! This gorgeous tarot deck delves into the magical world of cats, with the Major Arcana reinterpreted as Cat Mysteries and the Minor Arcana envisioned as Earth, Sea, Fire, and Sky Cat Clans. Cat lovers will definitely feel a connection to this unique tarot deck, which will help you in your practice.

  • 2. Linestrider

  • The Linestrider gets its name from the fact that is straddles two worlds - the magical and the logical. Designed by Siolo Thompson, the dreamy pastel colours and intricate detail of this tarot deck are truly unique. The deck is based on the original Rider-Waite-Smith tarot system, but is full of gorgeous new imagery that conjures up magical energy.

    3. Golden Botticelli

    If you’re a fan of Botticelli and Renaissance Art, you’ll be drawn to this stunning tarot deck. The art in these cards is inspired by the great Italian painter and the symbolism and imagery that he favoured in his masterpieces. Just like an art critic would examine an artwork to find deeper meaning, these cards also reveal hidden truths if you’re looking hard enough. An ideal choice for those who like to merge the artistic and the spiritual.

  • 4. Spiritsong

  • Paulina Cassidy’s gorgeous artwork in the Spiritsong Tarot is inspired by animals and the energy they exude. Each animal included in the deck has been specifically selected based upon Shamanic symbolism, and their unique powers have been used to accentuate the traditional tarot structure. The Spirtsong deck has four unique suits - Acorns for Wands/Fire, Feathers for Swords/Air, Shells for Cups/Water, and Crystals for Coins/Earth.

  • 5. Manga

  • Even though tarot is centuries-old, tarot decks can include contemporary art too. This unique deck is inspired by Manga, the comic-book artform popular in Japan. The artwork draws influence from Oriental mythology and encompasses ritual, nature and legend. With powerful symbolism and fierce artwork, this should be a top pick for Manga fans.

  • 6. Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg

  • Russian artist Yury Shakov lends his skill to this beautiful tarot deck. Shakov is known for his illustration of Russian folk and fairy tales, and there’s definitely element of story and fantasy in these boldly-coloured cards. They almost look like miniature paintings, with colours and designs reminiscent of Russian icons like Faberge eggs and matryoshka dolls. If you’ve got Russian heritage, or are interested in Russian history and culture, you’ll find strength and spirit in these cards.

    7. Dreams of Gaia

    The bold vivid colours of this deck - designed by popular artist Ravynne Phelan - truly stand out. The earth and her powers are a clear inspiration for the mystical imagery in this deck, and are present in nearly every card. These cards sorted into a Major and Minor Arcana structure, but offer bold new archetypes, symbology, and meanings more suited to the present. Let the earth guide you with this unique take on traditional tarot.

  • 8. Ceccoli

  • The artwork of Nicoletta Ceccolli is both playful and eerie. There’s an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel to these unique images, where joy and wonder meet hints of darkness. This deck is perfect for complex questions that don’t have clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, mingling colour with shades of grey.

  • 9. Steampunk

  • The world of steampunk is fascinating, full of Victorian fashion, fantastical machinery and marvellous inventions. It all comes to life in this Steampunk tarot deck, created by expert tarot reader Barbara Moore and artist Aly Fell. Inspired by the Rider-Waite tradition, this deck is full of contrasts like man and machine, or nature and technology, to guide you in your quest for understanding.

  • 10. Tarot Draconis

  • And of course, we have to finish with a dragon tarot! David Corsi’s dragon art is bold and realistic, weaving a legendary story among the cards. Let the wisdom and power of dragons guide you in your tarot practice, and be inspired by the formidable scenes depicted in each of these unique cards.

    So there’s a selection of ten tarot decks that we find truly unique. But there are dozens more in our tarot collection to suit all kinds of spirits! Whether you’re drawn to the delicate world of faeries, or want to be inspired by the Renaissance masters of old, you’ll find a deck that’s right for you. Let us know in the comments what your favourites are.